Monday, May 5, 2008


Our dear friend Ann Helmke came over to bless Asa last week. Ann is the Director of the San Antonio peaceCENTER where Rachel and I have been on the board for the past 3 years.

We began by telling his birth story and then Ann followed with these words:

"Asa Fergusson,
I am going to anoint you, by the one who created you, that you will have wisdom and integrity all your life.
I am going to anoint you, these hands, that they might serve, just as the one who has gone before us, taught us how to serve.
I am going to anoint you, the bottoms of your feet, so that the one who breathes in us the very life, that we may be holy people, will keep you on the path of peace.
And Asa, may you always know in your heart only the things that make for peace.

His color will always be purple, because purple is the color of kings. And he was anointed with lavender because it is just a mere scent of purple.

It's a good day!"

This is the oil holder that she gave to Asa as a gift.

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genevieve said...

no way! i literally have something almost exactly like that. i have to go find it!