Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Birth

For the birth I put a camera in the corner of the room and had it take a picture every minute. The following are just a few of the over 500 pictures.

11:08pm-About 3 hours into labor. Just Rachel and I.

11:33pm-Contractions get stronger.

1:52am- Midwife on the scene.

3:57am-Almost out!

4:20am-Asa Fergusson Born!

5:22am-Three of us resting.

5:36am-First check-up.

6:05am-Dressing Asa for the first time.

6:16am-Some family time.

6:33am-Call parents to meet Asa.

6:38am- Rest.


MB said...

Congrats Mark and Rachel! Steve and I recently had a little one of our own. Can you believe that?! Parenthood is the most amazing thing. Check out our blog-- loverunningdeep.wordpress.com.

genevieve said...

thank you for posting friend. i was so honored to get a call at 9:30am!